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The Big Fat Mallu Wedding // Ashwin & Greeshma

When I got an enquiry for covering a wedding at Al-Saj, Trivandrum, I was pretty excited. As I knew that a wedding at Al-Saj would certainly be a big one, that would give me an excellent exposure. With crossed figures, I send them my quotes and within a day they confirmed. So this was going to be my first big fat event, since officially inaugurating RahulDevakumar Creative Media Studio. 
The family was very clear on what they wanted and this actually made my work easier, but they also gave me full freedom to use my creativity. The groom, Ashwin, was working abroad and the bride, Greeshma, was studying at Kollam. The wedding was scheduled for 29th December, 2019. But the bride and the groom were to arrive only a few days prior to the wedding. They wanted to do a simple Save the Date shoot first. Save the Date We came to a consensus of doing the shoot at Varkala Beach. I kinda felt sorry for these two. They were engaged a year back and he had flown back. Now Ashwin had just come and wo…

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