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Mysuru : The cultural capital of Karnataka

Mysore , officially now called Mysuru , is a city in the state of Karnataka. Mysore is a popular tourist destination in South India and this time around Mysore was going to be our destination. We were having holidays for a few days and wanted to go a bit far but not very far and that’s how we zeroed on Mysore. Our trip was just going to be a three days tour.  I always prefer driving early in the morning as it’s very relaxing to drive without much traffic. I am totally the person who finds driving therapeutic. So we started out early. Mysore is around 400 kms from Kochi and we had estimated that we would take close to 10 hours to reach our destination considering time for food breaks and rest breaks. Since we started out early, my little son, Zavi,was sound asleep till we stopped for breakfast. We had a decent vegetarian breakfast from Palakkad and continued our journey. The journey was quite uneventful with Zavi enquiring now and then if we had already reached. Soon we crossed our bord

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