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The bird park in the heart of the city : PQ Exotic Bird Park, Kochi

A n interactive bird park where all age group can enjoy the beauty of winged wildlife up close. In the heart of Kochi city, where one would least expect it, lies PQ Exotic Bird Park. You would surely need the help of any online map to help you get there. It is situated near Varapuzha bridge at Kochi. I had heard about this place from a couple of my friends and decided to take my little Zavi for a quick visit. He was as usual all excited when I mentioned to him on a Sunday afternoon, that we shall visit a small bird park. PQ Exotic bird park We put ‘PQ Exotic Bird Park’ in Google map and started our journey. As we approached Varapuzha bridge, the map told us to take a right, but we missed it as the way was not really cleared. We stopped by the road side, I checked the map once again and decided to turn back and voila we were at the entrance of PQ Exotic World Park. There were a few people at the entrance waiting in a small queue for the tickets. At the the counter, they had also display

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