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Thailand Diaries : Chapter 4

Little Zavi’s adventures are going strong and the 4th day was the day with animals. If you have not read previous blogs then do read it to catch up with our experience until now.  A Prologue To Our Thailand Diaries Thailand Diaries : Chapter 1 Thailand Diaries : Chapter 2 Thailand Diaries : Chapter 3 Our fourth day at Bangkok was fully meant for our little Zavi as we were visiting the famed Safari World and Marine Park. He is a total animal person and loves animals. The park opened by 9:00am and so we were up and ready early. After a quick breakfast, we trooped into our pick up vehicle and headed towards Safari World.  Safari World Safari World is a tourist attraction in Bangkok that consists of two areas. One is the Marine Park and the other is Safari Park. The park with an open zoo resides on approximately 200 acres of land.  I was beyond shocked when we reached Safari Park. It was not yet 9:00 am and the main gates hadn't yet opened. What shocked me was the humongous crowd that

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