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A journey to the Misty hills

R elax, unwind and have fun. This was the topic of discussion during the evening tea and snacks session with a few of my colleagues. This discussion soon became a frantic search for a weekend gateway from office. And we zeroed on Vattavada. Vattavada is a village in Idukki district in the state of Kerala, bordering Tamil Nadu, India. Vattavada is a virtually rain shadow village, lying in the eastern side of the Western Ghats near to Marayur and towards the north of Munnar. The mean maximum daily temperature is at its lowest during the monsoon months with the highest temperature being 19 °C (66 °F). Vattavada is also famous for its wide variety of crops which is not seen on the other parts of Kerala, which includes varieties of apples, oranges, strawberries, guavas, pears, blackberries, plums, gooseberries, canistels, peaches and passion fruits, etc. As the place was decided, we startedlooking for good places to stay with cosy villas and other amenities. We reached out to Kerala Holiday

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