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Miles and Smiles Away : A Calicut Travelogue

I was yearning for a short getaway from my hectic schedule, and incidentally, Laya informed me that she would be having a review meeting at Kozhikode. I instantly made up my mind that I wanted to tag along with her. Although Laya was tensed about her review, I was all upbeat. I knew it was going to be a perfect weekend get away with my little Zavi.
Only one thing was on my mind while planning this trip, to just relax. 
While we scouted for places to spend the weekend, Raviz, Calicut was the first place that caught our attention. Located right at the heart of Kozhikode town, it was perfect for our requirements and we booked the room right away. As the weekend approached, we had some preparations to complete, mainly buying some swimming gear for Zavian as he had outgrown his swimming trunks. While at it, we also got him an inflatable ring and inflatable hand bands. Zavi was all excited about playing in the pool.
As Laya had to reach Kozhikode for her meeting at around 9:30 am, we start…

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