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Covid-19 Lockdown Diary : Lock, Unlock and a Blast

On 24th March,2020 , the Modi Government of India issued an order to lockdown the entire nation for 21 days with limited movement. The entire population ( 1.3 billion and counting ) had officially begun its fight against the Covid 19 pandemic in India.  I told Zavi that I would be home for the next couple of weeks and he was like so you don't have to go anywhere. I said, "No, let's play..!!". He wanted me to sit with him and play with his favourite toys, his animal collection including jungle animals and dinosaur sets. That was just the beginning and then we moved on to next and to next. It was just fun, he loved it. And I did enjoy being around him.  However this was just the beginning. Zavi was happy that he no longer had to go to school and could play all day with his friends. He loved to zoom past on his balance cycle with his friends and loved playing at the park at our villa. He was introduced to different new games along with rules which the elder kids taught

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