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The organic way of life : CGH EARTH MARARI BEACH RESORT

After a mini pool session I was totally tired and wanted to hit the bed immediately, but my Zavi had other plans. He wanted to play and do some google search on his favourite topic ‘Animals’. He didn’t seem a bit tired, but we finally convinced him that the next day was going to be even greater, only if he slept. I could finally catch some sleep.  Our first day at Marari Beach Resort was fabulous and if you have not read it, please do check out at  'RELAX IN THE LAP OF NATURE’ : CGH EARTH MARARI BEACH RESORT . Rise and Shine I was up and the first thought that popped up in my mind was to go on a walk early in the morning. Laya and Zavi seemed to be sleeping but as soon as I freshened up and came out of the washroom, Laya was up too. She too wanted to go around the resort. So with Zavi asleep in the room, both of us sneaked out of the room for a walk. The atmosphere was totally relaxing. We first walked towards the beach. The beach was awesome, but the tides were high and the sea w

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