Perfect Mobile Car Wash, Trivandrum

Perfect Mobile Car Wash, a Trivandrum ( Kazhakuttam ) based mobile car wash company is a perfect choice to wash your car at your door step. They don't require the client's water or electricity to do the job as they have a well equipped vehicle with all the necessary equipments for a perfect wash for your vehicle. 

They have a fully loaded TATA ACE for this purpose which has got a 1000L water tank, water pump, a diesel generator, vacuum cleaner, pressure pump and other liquids / equipments. They do complete water service, including the underbody wash, interior vacuum, dash cleaning, polishing, etc. 

Meet Mr. Shaiju, who is the owner of this startup, and they are pretty innovative in every way when compared with the other usual car wash / water service centres. One would wonder how it would be possible to do a complete car wash service at home including under body wash.  But the service provided by Mr. Shaiju would clear all such doubts. Although, Mr. Shaiju initially found it difficult to convert all the queries into business, he now has many regular customers in and around Trivandrum. 

This orange can was the first step to the cleaning process. It contains a cleaning solution used prior to the wash. Then he uses a twin jet with pressure water pump to clean the underbody, which is seen in the below images.

They are just a phone call away. I would recommend, and yes its worth the money. Please find the contact details below.

Perfect Mobile Car Wash 
Ph : +91 8606835999, +91 8606845999

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  1. Gokleen Car wash is the highest quality workmanship in the Ernakulam area. We offer a subscription-based model that ensures eco-friendly detailing and washing services for your car at your doorstep.


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