Fashion Photoshoot - Jayasree Ganesh

The magical world of fashion is an aspiration for many, both young and old. A lot of them infact take up fashion as a medium to express themselves. Fashion and styling often speaks a lot about the person's character, likes, dislikes and even their mood in general. Fashion is just not about the clothes that one wears, accessories are most important and the wrong accessories can totally ruin the style statement one wants to make.

Like the many fashion aspirants, Jayshree Ganesh is student of Fashion Technology. Slowly this young girl is putting baby footsteps to the world of fashion. With a good sense of colour combinations and good use of different fabrics, this young woman is a bundle of talent. Below are a few snaps of dresses designed and created by Jayshree.

A smart and bold design for office goers.

This one is sure for the festive season.

Yes, and this one is for the party lovers.

And how about casual yet chic and trendy look for a fun evening.

And this for the sensual you.

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