Andre Luetzen's Living Climate : A tale of three cities at URU art harbour

Andre Luetzen, from Hamburg, Germany has done a project named `Living Climate`, which documents how climate circumstances define our living situations and effect a very diverse interplay between public and private. For this work, he focused on three cities with very vast difference in weather conditions.

1. Kochi in Southern India
2. Arkhangelsk in North-West Russia, &
3. Khartoum in Sudan.

All photographs were taken between 2014 and 2017 and were presented together for the first time at URU art harbour, which is a cultural hub situated at Kochangadi, Mattancherry, Kochi. URU seeks to be a space for collaboration and continual hub of artistic, cultural and intellectual exploration hub.

This exhibition has been extended & will be open until March 20th, 2018.

Khartoum ( 2016 / 17 )

Khartoum is the  capital of Sudan, which is located where the Blue Nile and White Nile Rivers converge. This place is very dry and the hot climate makes an very interesting contrast between outdoor and indoor life. Amazing images which show the pure sub Saharian desert climate.

To view his images, please visit his website under Khartoum a tale of three cities.

Kochi `Inside Out` ( 2015 )

These images were photographed in Kochi, southern part of India, during monsoon season. During this time, the city is in a dark hazy mood. Sometimes heavy rain could flood the streets and public spaces which will force the local people to live in spaces which are so crowded and suffocating. This series shows the living conditions during this season.
To view his images, please visit his website under Inside out Kochi.

Arkhangelsk - Zhili Byli ( 2014 )

Zhili Byli ( means Once upon a time ) is a series of images which shows the living style and the housing conditions of the residents of Arkhangelsk, which is a city in Russia. Three quarter of the year is fully immersed in freezing temperatures, mostly under zero. The climate makes it very contrasty and the building have created cave like haven of intimacy and comfort where they have to spend most of the year.

To view his images, please visit his website under Zhili byli.

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