When nature calls ( Part II ) - Meenmutty Falls, Kallar, Trivandrum

After relaxing at Ponmudi hill station ( If you have not read that episode, the link is WHEN NATURE CALLS ( PART I ) : PONMUDI HILL STATION, TRIVANDRUM and then continue ) we decided to move, as it started to get more and more crowded. We descended to the next pitstop, Meenmutty falls, Kallar, located near the Neyyar Reservoir area. No transportation is available to the top of waterfalls so visitors have to trek approximately 2km through the dense forests to reach the falls.

We paid the entrance fee, and started towards to falls. Right after we crossed the gates we first saw a small stream of water crossing our path. We were super excited, so we stopped and jumped out to feel some nature.  The stream of water was shallow and clear, with tiny fishes tickling our feet.
We then moved towards to the parking point, which was close to around 500 metres away from the main gate and we thoroughly enjoyed the soft off road. We parked the vehicle and first hydrated ourselves to get ready for the 2kms long trek with Zavi. He, on the other hand, was really excited to see the forest, and wanted to walk alone.
Right next to the parking there was a security shed, where they verified our tickets and bags. They advised us not to destroy any plants or litter while we trek. We were also warned about animal sightings and were told not to disturb or harm them. We agreed to what all the guards suggested, and moved on. Zavi was amazed to see the bugs and other animals engraved on rocks. He wanted to feel it and asked us if we could take them home.
As we started our trek, we could see a stream of water towards our left. This was a picnic spot where families can relax, bath and even have food. This is almost where the falls end. Please make sure that kids are not let loose, as the under currents might increase during the monsoon season. Zavi wanted to swim and was enjoying the fabulous beauty of nature. However, we did not go ready for taking a dip and so decided against going into the water and continued onwards.
We saw different types of plants, trees, bugs, birds, mushrooms, fungi and lots of worms.
We started further towards to second stage of the falls through dense forest, foliage makes it difficult and slippery. After trekking for around 200 meters, it started to be become more and more steeper The trek path was filled with rocks, tree trunks as well as tree roots to climb over. With fallen leaves over steep paths, the trek was becoming tiresome and hazardous. The whole atmosphere was different, since we were literally walking through a dense forest with a water body. The sound of nature was keeping us at ease. Dad and Mom started to slow down. They found it difficult to trek over this slippery steep path. But nothing stopped them, they were determined to show our Zavi the water fall at the top.
After resting for sometime, Mom and Dad started again.
It should be around another 30 mins of trek and we reached the next stage of falls. Here we have to cross the river to the other side to continue the last leg of the trek. At first, my wife was skeptical about how to cross this path with our little Zavi. But after coming this long, nothing was going to stop me from crossing the river. I took off my shoes, packed it in my bag and took hold of our baby.  We started walking across the river holding the rope which was tied across. That rope helped us to stay in place. Half way done, I stepped on to a loose rock. In a split second, I thought, we will not make it to the other side. Did I make a wrong decision ? I jumped over to the next stone, and we were safe. Zavi, in the meanwhile, was enjoying the adventure and the sound of nature. Although we wanted to play with the water, we decided to move further as we felt that it might rain sometime soon as it was getting darker. But then we realised it was not due to any dark clouds that we felt the atmosphere get darker, the forest was getting denser and it was preventing light to enter the forest. The cold weather and the darkness made Zavi feel sleepy. I knew he would sleep off any time soon. He wanted to have some milk, and as he was having the milk he slept off.
We were disappointed as he fell asleep as he wouldn't be able to see the falls. As we moved further, there were lots of warning boards which were alerting the trekkers to be very careful of the slippery rocks and deep pools. Every 250 meters or so, the government has deployed security guards and care takers who would help us in case of emergency.

At last we reached the origin of the water fall. It was so pleasing to see the falls. The water was smashing the rocks and water droplets were all over the place. All of us were so excited to see the falls. In the meantime, Dad busy taking selfies and sharing it with his friends. Dad has a circle of friends who travel every year, across the country with family. He wanted to let them know that this place is so cool, and its less than 2 hours drive from our native. While talking to the guards we understood that we cannot step down to the falls as there were barricades placed to avoid people from drowning while enjoying the falls. The guard mentioned some youngster got killed while having fun with his friends at this falls. It should be true, as we could see the colour of water changing to a deeper greenish blue towards the falls which indicates that the pool is deep. We decided to sit down and enjoy the falls for sometime. The sound of nature, and the falls crushed out all the stress and tiredness. Feeling so fresh we descended the forest back to our car to have our lunch.
This was a wonderful trip with the family, especially when we take our better half to the place where we have spent a lot of our good old bachelor span of our life. We rolled back to our stressful and chaotic life, with unforgettable sweet & calm memories. Waiting for our next family trip with our little Zavi.  

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