Tips to get the best during kids/family lifestyle photo sessions

Sometime last month, I met a family in Cochin to do a family/kids lifestyle shoot. The family insisted only on one thing, they need us to capture the best moments of Devansh. And here are some of the images during that session. 

Most of the time, the kids photographed will be taught how to smile and stand before the photographer. However I would suggest not to coach your kids how to smile and pose before the session or during the session. 

As a parent we just have to keep the child relaxed and just be funny. They will smile on their own and they are really good with emotions and expressions. Gopu and Divya did the same and Devansh was loving every bit of the moment during the shoot. 

When shooting outdoors, just keep a bottle of water in hand, the child will get thirsty and a bottle of water would help.

Most parents would ask what color and dress should they wear during the shoot. I would say, anything which keeps the child happy. However, it would be great to avoid white and black. This is because it creates technical difficulties for photographer. Even if the photographer tries to overcome it with the right configuration ( it is not particularly hard to overcome these problems like high contrast/ washed out skin tones etc ), since we are dealing with kids we would miss a lot of shots or moments while the photographer is busy adjusting the settings. Its recommended to get the best shots and never miss the ones like below. 

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