Remains of the car which caught fire, on BoT Bridge at Thoppumpadi

Remains of the car which caught fire
Couple of weeks back, when I was travelling towards Fort Cochin, I noticed the remains of a car which was left near the Thoppumpadi bridge. I stepped down and took some images of the car and enquired the fellow people about the incident. Was so curious to know what happened to the passengers. 

This car caught fire when they were traveling on Thoppumpadi bridge on a sunday (07th Feb 2016)  evening by around 5:30 PM IST. According to witnesses, the car owner Ameen P.A. of Palluruthy and his son Wasim was on board while the car broke down. Both of the passengers managed to walk away unhurt, as the driver Wasim was alerted by commuters on other vehicles who spotted smoke from the car bonnet when they entered Thoppumpadi bridge. 

Few brave Fire and Rescue Service officers reached within sometime and managed to put out the fire and helped the traffic police to resume the disrupted traffic due to this incident. The Real reason for the incident is still unknown, the fire and rescue personnel assume that the problem could have happened due to some sort of short circuit which set the car ablaze. 

Even though the rescue team reached the spot on time, the car was destroyed by fire completely. The below images show how bad the incident was. Thankfully no one was hurt. 

Front end of the car.
Everything was burnt off, only the metal skeleton was left behind.

Side view of the car, show how much the fire ate the whole car.
Inside of the car, as you can see all seats and other car equipments were destroyed .

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