Caged for Amusement : Trivandrum Zoo

In deep slumber, he dreams of being at home, in the heart of the jungle, but alas he is caged in this concrete jungle. Welcome to Trivandrum Zoo. One of the oldest of its kinds in India, Trivandrum Zoo  was officially established in 1857.

Spread over a vast area of 55 acres, the zoo is a perfect recreational spot for families. Originally built with iron cages, the goal of the zoo is slowly adopting measures to move the animals out of cages and provide them with more open enclosures.

 Trivandrum zoo also serves as botanical garden, where we can find a wide variety of trees and plants , that have specifically marked and named for the visitors for their ready reference. Apart from the animals the 55 acres covers a lot of greenery with woodlands and lawns.

Herbivore animals are found in large numbers at the Trivandrum Zoo. This group of animals feed on plants, shrubs, herbs, shoots, roots, fruits, seeds etc. The hippopotamuses, deers such as Sambar, Hog, Spotted, barking and the Indian Antelopes are a sight to watch with their sheer numbers.

The Trivandrum Zoological garden has a very good collection of exotic birds. Ranging from beauties like peacocks, strokes, parrots, pelicans to predators like vultures , kites and eagles. Its fascinating to see this birds in large enclosures making it one of the favourite spots for visitors.

The animal kingdom cannot be complete without their leaders. Scary as they may look, Trivandrum zoo is the house of, Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers, White tigers, Jaguars and Cheetahs. The size , the valour and the enigma in their eyes makes this part of the zoo exiting and enthralling.

Apart from these, the Trivandrum Zoo also has specific areas for reptiles. Unfortunately, this enclosure is a strictly a no flash zone. The King cobra is a major attraction in the Reptile House. Apart from this, the Reptile House also has different snakes like the Anaconda, turtles, snakes and lizards. A visit to the Trivandrum zoo would be incomplete without a visit to their aquarium which house a wide variety of ornamental and exotics fishes.

Although, the walk around this massive compound can be exhausting for you and your little ones, but it sure is worth a visit.

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