Sabu & Prinsona : A Christian Wedding

Some Weddings are all about happiness and smiles. We believe, that every one in this world live for family, happiness and love. Weddings bring in a bond between all these. Wonder where we fall into ? We are the invisible part of the your occasion. The candid and invisible photographers who captures the true moments without even you noticing that you are being photographed.

Here is such an eventful Christian wedding, at Trivandrum, Kerala. Our best wishes to the couple Sabu & Prinsona for there wonderful future. As we told earlier there was an aura of happiness that governed the wedding fervour, and it thrived all the way along. And this is the reason why we love every wedding. Enough said, lets move on to the Wedding moments.

Nowadays each and every minute details of any wedding are handled by big shot event management companies, but here it was basic and simple. All the preparations were done by the family members and friends, of course with some little hired help. Right from decorations to cooking for the guests, the energy of it all was infectious.

In this part of Kerala, among the Christian community it is a norm for the party of the groom to proceed to the bride's place with her wedding trousseau. It is usually the groom's sister or anyone who the groom considers as sister, who takes along the wedding trousseau.

The big day has arrived and everyone in the family are dressed to their best to welcome the bride to their family. Weddings in India, are never just a union of two individuals, it is considered aa union between two families.


After a simple church wedding and reception, the bride and groom proceeded to the groom's house, this was somehow the best part, as all the womenfolk were eagerly waiting to welcome the new bride to their lives.

Wishing Sabu and Prinsona a happy married life and may your future shine brighter than ever.

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